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New Software Instantly Stops Spambots Harvesting Your Email Address

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Most webmasters include their email address on the web site, so visitors can easily contact them.

These are usually in the form of "maillto" links, allowing the visitor to click on the link to send an email.

Unfortunately spammers are also on the look out for these email addresses, as targets for spam.

Spammers use special web robots called Spambots which search continually through millions of web pages, looking for email links.

When a Spambot finds an email link, the email address is added to a database, to be used for spamming by the owner and to be sold to other spammers.

Spambot Guardian is a new software tool which will instantly protect your entire web site from Spambots.

It will scan all your web pages on your PC (before you upload them) and encrypt any mailto links automatically, leaving them unreadable by Spambots but still fully usable by your visitors.

Spambot Guardian encodes your email links using an advanced, compact Javascript algorithm, making your links unreadable even to the more recent Spambots capable of cracking older encoding methods.

Although virtually everyone using the Internet now has a Javascript enabled browser, there are still some users without this feature, so Spambot Guardian offers you the option to include special code which will allow visitors without Javascript to still send you an email.

Note - If you would like more information on Spambots - there are many sites offering technical details - click here for a good example (lots more sites can be found by searching on google for "spambot").

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Full details of how to use this simple software can be found in the comprehensive software help.

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